Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Contested Multi-Domain Coalition Operations

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Military operations typically involve working with partners to resolve rapidly evolving situations where adversaries are adapting their tactics, techniques and procedures, and the behaviour of the civilian population is changing. Thus, there is a need for:

Adaptable AI

AI which can rapidly adapt in dynamic situations and learn as the operation proceeds exploiting synergies between humans and machine intelligence (inc. novel Neuro-Symbolic Learning (NSL) AI systems which combine reasoning and deep learning);

Trusted AI

Enable human users to rapidly achieve an appropriate degree of trust in AI systems when making high-stakes decisions;

Resilient AI

AI which is resilient to adversary attacks which seek to deceive the AI systems;

Distributed Coalition AI

AI systems able to share data and models with partners whilst operating under a range of privacy constraints and in degraded communications environments;

Integrated Distributed Analytics

Able to integrate analytic services in (near) real-time with partners in degraded communication environments;

Edge AI

AI able to operate on the constrained computing environment at the edge of tactical networks;