Did Karadzic Possess the Mens Rea for Genocide in Srebrenica?

Abstract We present the methodology and the results of an application of argumentation theory to determine whether Radovan Karadžic, President of the Serb Republic, possessed the ´ mens rea—the knowledge of wrongdoing that constitutes part of a crime—for genocide in Srebrenica, where, in July 1995, at least 5,115 Bosnian Muslims were killed by members of the Serb Republic Forces. To evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of Trial Chamber’s findings in the publicly available judgement, we used argumentation-based techniques available in the CISpaces.org tool. The results of our analysis were submitted to the Mechanism for International Criminal Tribunals (MICT) as an amicus curiæbrief, i.e., a brief from a non-party in a lawsuit who argues or presents information relevant to the lawsuit.
  • Federico Cerutti (Cardiff)
  • Yvonne McDermott Rees
Date Nov-2021
Venue Proceedings of the 5th Workshop on Advances in Argumentation in Artificial Intelligence 2021