Triptych: Multi-objective Optimisation of Service Deployment Costs, Application Delay and Bandwidth Usage

Abstract Advanced Internet services increasingly rely on many components to implement their functionality. These composite services have three important features: they are expensive to deploy, components need to be placed intelligently close to the users to improve quality of experience and they will potentially consume significant amounts of bandwidth. This paper presents Triptych, a multi-objective optimisation framework that tries to optimise according these three dimensions to help the three main stakeholders in the Internet ecosystem: users, application providers and network providers. Triptych implements evolutionary computation approaches for this complex problem, which simultaneously optimise service deployment costs, latency-based user utility and network congestion. These algorithms provide possible operating points, bringing important tools for network managements and resource allocation. A large set of simulations under different scenarios are provided to validate the algorithms.
  • Miguel Rocha
  • Truong Khoa Phan (UCL)
  • Joao Reis (UCL)
  • David Griffin (UCL)
  • Miguel Rio (UCL)
Date May-2019
Venue IFIP Networking Conference 2019