Federated Learning for Coalition Operations

Abstract Machine Learning in coalition settings requires combining insights available from data assets and knowledge repositories distributed across multiple coalition partners. In tactical environments, this requires sharing the assets, knowledge and models in a bandwidth-constrained environment, while staying in conformance with the privacy, security and other applicable policies for each coalition member. Federated Machine Learning provides an approach for such sharing. In its simplest version, federated machine learning could exchange training data available among the different coalition members, with each partner deciding which part of the training data from other partners to accept based on the quality and value of the offered data. In a more sophisticated version, coalition partners may exchange models learnt locally, which need to be transformed, accepted in entirety or in part based on the quality and value offered by each model, and fused together into an integrated model. In this paper, we examine the challenges present in creating federated learning solutions in coalition settings, and present the different flavors of federated learning that we have created as part of our research in the DAIS ITA. The challenges addressed include dealing with varying quality of data and models, determining the value offered by the data/model of each coalition partner, addressing the heterogeneity in data representation, labeling and AI model architecture selected by different coalition members, and handling the varying levels of trust present among members of the coalition. We also identify some open problems that remain to be addressed to create a viable solution for federated learning in coalition environments.
  • Dinesh Verma (IBM US)
  • Seraphin Calo (IBM US)
  • Shalisa Witherspoon (IBM US)
  • Elisa Bertino (Purdue)
  • Amani Abu Jabal (Purdue)
  • Ananthram Swami (ARL)
  • Greg Cirincione (ARL)
  • Simon Julier (UCL)
  • Graham White (IBM UK)
  • Geeth de Mel (IBM UK)
  • Gavin Pearson (Dstl)
Date Nov-2019
Venue AAAI Fall Symposium on Cognitive Assistance in Government and Public Sector Applications