Tree-CNN: A Hierarchical Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Incremental Learning

Abstract Over the past decade, Deep Convolutional Neural Networks (DCNNs) have shown remarkable performance in most computer vision tasks. These tasks traditionally use a fixed dataset, and the model, once trained, is deployed as is. Adding new information to such a model presents a challenge due to complex training issues, such as “catastrophic forgetting”, and sensitivity to hyperparameter tuning. However, in this modern world, data is constantly evolving, and our deep learning models are required to adapt to these changes. In this paper, we propose an adaptive hierarchical network structure composed of DCNNs that can grow and learn as new data becomes available. The network grows in a tree-like fashion to accommodate new classes of data, while preserving the ability to distinguish the previously trained classes. The network organizes the incrementally available data into feature-driven superclasses and improves upon existing hierarchical CNN models by adding the capability of self-growth. The proposed hierarchical model, when compared against fine-tuning a deep network, achieves significant reduction of training effort, while maintaining competitive accuracy on CIFAR-10 and CIFAR-100.
  • Deboleena Roy (Purdue)
  • Priyadarshini Panda (Purdue)
  • Kaushik Roy (Purdue)
Date Jan-2020
Venue Neural Networks 121 (2020): 148-160. [link]