Distributed Resource Allocation, An Experimentation and Demonstration Framework for Algorithm Evaluation

Abstract The various elements of a deployed task force will have different computational capabilities and levels of connectivity. This demonstration shows a Delay Tolerant Network (DTN) coupled with local messaging transformation and queueing. Using this approach, a network that is more tolerant to node mobility can be created. By using this network to gather relevant node characteristics, various experimental optimizations (from DAIS projects 1 and 3) can then provide a suggested deployment of applications to best suit users and the current processing availability. This experimentation facility allows us to measure the impact on resource usage of the various algorithms in a controlled manner.
  • Andreas Martens (IBM UK)
  • Dave Conway-Jones (IBM UK)
  • Shiqiang Wang (IBM US)
  • Faheem Zafari (Imperial)
  • Konstantinos Poularakis (Yale)
Date Sep-2018
Venue 2nd Annual Fall Meeting of the DAIS ITA, 2018