An Exploratory Analysis of Suspicious Reddit User Accounts based on Sentiment and Interactions

Abstract Online social networks shaped by user generated content and activity offer a unique opportunity for understanding how individuals and social groups interact. Insight into the dynamics of on-line communities could prove valuable in the military context helping with: evaluation of group stability and growth, identification of key influential users, and detection of attempts to spread disinformation. To this end, we explore user behaviour on Reddit, a large social network site designed as a discussion forum for various topics. We present an initial, exploratory investigation using sentiment and activity analysis, of the behaviour and content of 944 suspicious Reddit accounts.
  • Eunjin Lee (IBM UK)
  • James Ashford (Cardiff)
  • Malgorzata Turalska (ARL)
  • Liam Turner (Cardiff)
  • Q. Vera Liao (IBM US)
  • Rachel Bellamy (IBM US)
  • Geeth de Mel (IBM UK)
  • Roger Whitaker (Cardiff)
Date Sep-2019
Venue Annual Fall Meeting of the DAIS ITA, 2019