Cooperative-Game Framework for Resource Sharing in SDC

Abstract Providing resources to users (applications) is fundamental to SDC for coalition operations. Allocating resources to users optimally is a challenging problem. As some domains (service providers) may not have adequate resources to satisfy all local users, providing resources to meet all user demands across all domains of the SDC is particularly challenging. Resource sharing among domains can improve resource availability and utilization as surplus of resources in some domains can be “rented” by other domains. However, different domains (and coalition partners) can have different objectives (utilities). Therefore, there is a need for a framework that can share and allocate resources in an efficient way, while considering the distinct objectives among domains. In this paper, we formulate the issue as a multi-objective optimization problem and propose a framework based on Cooperative Game Theory (CGT) for resource sharing and allocation among domains. We show that the resource-sharing problem can be modeled as an N-player canonical cooperative game with non-transferable utility (NTU) and prove that the game is convex. For two resource-sharing priority strategies for the framework, we propose efficient algorithms that provide resource allocations from the core, hence guaranteeing Pareto optimality. By simulation, we evaluate and show that the proposed framework can improve user satisfaction and domain utilities.
  • Faheem Zafari (Imperial)
  • Kin Leung (Imperial)
  • Don Towsley (UMass)
  • Prithwish Basu (BBN)
  • Ananthram Swami (ARL)
  • Jian Li (UMass)
Date Sep-2019
Venue Annual Fall Meeting of the DAIS ITA, 2019