DAIS-ITA Scenario

Abstract Ongoing research with The International Technology Alliance in Distributed Analytics and Information Sciences (DAIS-ITA) aims to enable secure, dynamic, semantically-aware, distributed analytics for deriving situational understanding in future coalitions. This paper sets out an example military scenario and operations in a future time frame, to capture the expected battlespace context and key future challenges. Key considerations involve complex multi-actor situations, high complexity information, high tempo processing, all within human-machine hybrid-teams. The coalition composition of these teams is critical and all resources will be constrained. A phased operation is proposed across rural and urban operation involving a range of ISR sensors and autonomous devices. All these are subject to enemy action and perturbation and must be used across a highly contested and congested electromagnetic spectrum. Agile command and control is required across the coalition with information arriving from multiple sources and partners that may also be utilised for learning.
  • Graham White (IBM UK)
  • Simon Pierson (Dstl)
  • Brian Rivera (ARL)
  • Maroun Touma (IBM US)
  • Paul Sullivan (ARL)
  • Dave Braines (IBM UK)
Date Apr-2019
Venue SPIE - Defense + Commercial Sensing 2019