RED/LED: An Asymptotically Optimal and Scalable Online Algorithm for Service Caching at the Edge

Abstract Edge servers, which are small servers located close to mobile users, have the potential to greatly reduce delay and backhaul traffic of mobile Internet applications by moving cloud services to the edge of the network. Due to limited capacity of edge servers and dynamic request arrival, proper service caching at the edge is essential to guarantee good performance. This paper proposes a tractable online algorithm called retrospective download with least-requested deletion (RED/LED) that caches services dynamically without any assumptions on the arrival patterns of mobile applications. We evaluate the competitive ratio of our policy, which quantifies the worst-case performance in comparison to an optimal offline policy. We prove that the competitive ratio of our policy is linear with the capacity of the edge server. We also show that no deterministic online policy can achieve a competitive ratio that is asymptotically better than ours. Moreover, we prove that our policy is scalable, in the sense that it only needs doubled capacity to achieve a constant competitive ratio. The utility of our online policy is further evaluated on real-world traces. These trace-based simulations demonstrate that our policy has better, or similar, performance compared to many intelligent offline policies.
  • Tao Zhao
  • I-Hong Hou
  • Shiqiang Wang (IBM US)
  • Kevin Chan (ARL)
Date Jun-2018
Venue IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications ( Volume: 36 , Issue: 8 , Aug. 2018 ) [link]