SCOPE: Sensemaking in Cyber Social Spaces

Abstract Due to the explosion in social media platforms, cyber social information is fast becoming a critical element in multisensory fusion to better understand dynamic and evolving situations. This is especially true in situations where potentially hostile actors—be they politically- or economically- motivated—operate in a way that changes the established social norms and outcomes by targeting detailed profiles of individuals or social groups within such platforms. Therefore, understanding the dynamics of social groups, especially under the influence of external factors, is critical to identify vulnerabilities and to seek remedies.
  • Soheil Eshghi (Yale)
  • Geeth de Mel (IBM UK)
  • Sukankana Chakraborty (Southampton)
  • Valerio Restocchi (Southampton)
  • Sebastian Stein (Southampton)
  • Gavin Pearson (Dstl)
  • Tien Pham (ARL)
Date Nov-2018
Venue NATO SET-262, Budapest, 5-6 Nov 2018