Opportunities and Challenges for Named Data Networking to Increase the Agility of Military Coalitions

Abstract the objective of this paper is to summarize the opportunities and challenges for adopting Named Data Networking (NDN) in the specific context of military coalition operations and tactical networks, to improve the analytics capacity of the network and to speed up and improve the quality of distributed decision making. The characteristic properties of tactical networks are high dynamics in multiple dimensions. Furthermore, coalition networks must provide secure and efficient communication across coalition boundaries and mitigate the impact of adversarial entities attempting to obstruct the mission. By treating payloads, cryptographic keys, and policies all as semantically named and secured data packets, NDN integrates storage and processing into the networking layer and natively supports ad hoc, disruption tolerant networking with built-in security.
  • Christopher Gibson (IBM UK)
  • Pablo Bermell-Garcia (Airbus)
  • Kevin Chan (ARL)
  • Bongjun Ko (IBM US)
  • Alex Afanasyev (UCLA)
  • Lixia Zhang (UCLA)
Date Sep-2017
Venue 1st Annual Fall Meeting of the DAIS ITA, 2017